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Reporter arrested for going inside Capitol, Shawn Bradley Witzemann | Bobby Pickles’ Podcast™️ Ep182

Updated: May 15

INTRO POETRY: What is up you beautiful bastards! Thanks for tuning in to another disaster With a face for radio and knack for laughter I bet my fans aren’t as pretty as us podcasters. Two Gozo journeys on tonight’s show. It’s me, Bobby P. on the east joined by my west coast bro The FBI set their sights on him but he won’t roll Because Shawn Bradley Witzemann admits he entered the Capitol He don’t give a fuck. He was just covering what was going down. He’s an independent journalist slash satirical clown. Live-streaming from the rotunda, Krampusnatch did nothing wrong Happy Cinco De Mayo, everybody. Sit back, relax, hit a bong. Take a shot of tequila, and throw on your sombrero. I think my guest is jewish, not Mexican, but their differences are narrow. WELCOME TO BOBBY PICKLES’ PODCAST, SPUMANGI!

OUTTRO: There’s a 20 year old nerd sitting in a back room at google, with cum stains crusted on his pants, deciding who wins or loses in life, because he learned to code while living in his mommy’s basement. It’s time we fight back! Give that dork a slap by posting this to Facebook or Twitter or Parler! Happy Cinco De Mayo, Spumangi!

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