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ProudBoys Rally to “Free Political Prisoners” at #SOSCuba Protest en Miami

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

A group of Cuban-American Miami ProudBoys join the #SOSCuba protests on Calle Ocho to raise awareness for their brothers who are still locked up in a D.C. jail for taking a stroll in "The People's House" (The Capitol) on January 6th.

Highlights include:

  • @AbolishTheDemocrats LOOMERING Lili Estefan;

  • Enrique Tarrio's speech being shut down by fellow Cubanos;

  • Cuban-Americans chanting "We Need Trump!"

  • ProudBoy who looks like a cross between Fidel Castro and Earnest Hemingway vocalizing the importance to "Free Our Political Prisoners!" and the fact that "ProudBoys Did Nothing Wrong!"

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