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Proud Boy Stabby Special: Jeremy “The Immortal Noble Beard” Bertino, Corey “C Neely” Nielson | Bobby

Updated: May 18

ATTN: Patriots, Libtards, Hollywood Satanists, Global Elites, Sheeple, ANTIFA pussies, and every other creature in between, please enjoy Bobby’s interview with two bona fide Washington D.C. Proud Boy stabbing victims — Corey “C Neely” Neilson on the 1’s and 2’, and, Jeremy “The Immortal Noble Beard” Bertino on the 3’s and 4’s. They both have beards, they both wear black and gold, and they both got stabbed by ANTIFA scums in Washington D.C. We discuss this event and the Proud Boys who were involved, ON THIS PROUD AF EPISODE OF Bobby Pickles’ Podcast™️!


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