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ENTERPRISE SURPRISE: Black Manager DENIES White Customer a Rental Car, Says it's a Privilege!

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

EXACT VERBIAGE FROM THE POLICE REPORT I FILED: I was dropped off at Enterprise Rent-A-Car at 9:45am. One of the Reps checked me in and told me to wait outside and that my car was being washed out back. At 10:00am that same Rep told me the black Nissan Altima, which they had just pulled in front, water still dripping from its wash, motor running, was for me and to be patient and she'll be back with me in a few to do the paperwork. At 10:15am I went back inside to ask respectfully if they can help me, I mentioned work. The manager said "that doesn't mater". Then she said two people were in front of me and she'd check me in soon. To which I replied that I had been here waiting since 9:45am and the car outside was for me. She got angry, but one of the other Reps noticed that I was right, so she charged my card and lead me out the door of the building and opened the door of the car and started getting me all settled in. When the manager came outside, I said "I would appreciate it if you didn't speak to me like that, I am a customer." To which she replied, "renting a car is a privilege and if you say another word to me, I will deny you of that privilege!" Since she was screaming at me, I had turned my entire body away from her and my back was facing her front. I asked again, "Please, I would very much appreciate if you wouldn't speak to me like this." She grabbed the keys out of the ignition, slammed the doors and screamed "that's it! you are not renting a car now!" At that point, I started recording the incident. She cursed at me and through me out of the store. The police were called, not by me, and when they arrived, I explained the situation and kept recording. The manager trespassed me from the location and banned me from renting at any other Enterprise locations within the area. The hold was never released on my card. I was left with no transportation or money, and I never raised my voice or cursed even once during the entire situation.

The name of the Psycho-Assistant-Manager at the West Palm Beach Enterprise-Rent-A-Car is Mimi Polynice (should be "Polynasty").

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Here is a write-up about this in the Central Florida Post.

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