A Palm Beach Proud Boy at the Putsch

Bobby Pickles, a purveyor of far-right T-shirts, joined the horde of balding dudes in dad jeans at the Capitol, because Donald Trump, he says, is “like punk rock.”


By Jane Mayer

January 9, 2021


Proud Boys' West Palm leader: Trump bump 'awesome;' we're not a hate group

Bobby Pickles — whose real name is not Bobby Pickles — is a college graduate, owner of a screen printing business and head of the West Palm Beach chapter of the Proud Boys.


By Christine Stapleton

October 21, 2020 


Good people, bad tattoos: New television special shines spotlight on America’s worst tattoos

"Young people just have more of a tendency to make bad decisions," she says.


Case in point, Bobby "Pickles" Piccirillo, a 32-year-old Staten Island t-shirt peddler who tattooed a derogatory term for Italians on his back when he was 14 years old.



APR 03, 2013


How a D.C. Bar Became the ‘Haven’ for the Proud Boys

“It’s been a place that’s, like, a Republican hangout, and people just know that it’s a friendly spot to go to if you’re on the right,” said Bobby Pickles, a member of the Proud Boys’ southern Florida chapter, in a phone conversation. (Pickles is an alias.) “I’m happy that they give us a safe haven to go to.”







In an era of racial unrest, Americans converging in D.C. to celebrate the Fourth of July question the meaning of freedom

A Proud Boy who would only give his name as Bobby Pickles, who is white, said he had come from Florida to show his patriotism and symbolically defend the city’s statues, which he said represent the nation’s history and heritage.

By Emily DaviesFredrick KunkleJustin JouvenalMarissa J. Lang and Sydney Trent.


July 4, 2020


The Black Church That Could Bankrupt the Proud Boys

Meanwhile, West Palm Beach Proud Boy Robert Piccirillo (aka Bobby Pickles) runs a company called Fat Enzo LLC, which prints stylized images of Italian-American mobsters and serial killers like Ted Bundy, and Hunter S. Thompson slogans on T-shirts. There’s an entire section of the Fat Enzo website dedicated to merch inspired by far-right troll and failed congressional candidate Laura Loomer.

BY: Tess Owen and Greg Walters


April 8, 2021


Florida Business Owner Banned From Facebook and Instagram For Ties To Laura Loomer and Roger Stone

Bobby Pickles, a South Florida small business owner, Trump supporter, Proud Boy, and avid supporter of Roger Stone and Laura Loomer, is the latest conservative to get the boot from far-left social media platform Facebook. 

Haley Kennington


JULY 11, 2020  


Business Owner Behind “Roger Stone Did Nothing Wrong” Shirt Banned From Facebook

Bobby Pickles, the owner of Fat Enzo,, a custom cap and t-shirt sweatshop based in West Palm Beach, is the latest person to be erased from social media for advocating for a commutation or pardon of Trump advisor Roger Stone. Pickles, the man behind the infamous ROGER STONE DID NOTHING WRONG brand, also creates promotional items for South Florida congressional candidate Laura Loomer.


Pickles has hosted both Stone and Loomer on his podcast in the past year in addition to being their go-to vendor for caps and t-shirts.

By Jacob Engels 
The Gateway Pundit

July 13, 2020  

West Palm Beach Proud Boys attend violent D.C. election protest, blame antifa for troubles

Police say there were 38 arrests - 10 for assaults on police officers - at Saturday's #stopthesteal rally, where those who believe President Trump won re-election clashed with opponents.

Christine Stapleton

Palm Beach Post

DEC 15TH 2020

Jersey City entrepreneurs sell funny, sarcastic 'pseudo-intellectual party shirts'

Both Piccirillo and DeMartini began their endeavor in 2009, making humorous T-shirts using images from politics (left-leaning) and pop culture.

By The Jersey Journal

Posted Dec 21, 2010  

Local Craigslist mobile mechanic accused of scamming customers

Robert Piccirillo owns a t-shirt shop called Fat Enzo in downtown West Palm Beach. Back in June, he and his partner Matthew Piazza needed someone to fix their company car.

“We wanted to sell it to put the money back into the company,” Piccirillo said.

by Yaremi Farinas


Tuesday, August 8th 2017

America's Worst Tattoos (TV Series)

Exes, Anniversaries, and Another Man's Name (2013)

In this episode, a man has a tattoo that is a terrible tribute to him and his best friend, another mans awful tattoo was an attempt at vengeance on his ex-girlfriends, and a woman's donut tattoo gets mistaken for poop.



Season 1 | Episode 10

Release Date:

 1 May 2013 (USA)

Production Co:

 Magilla Entertainment


”En herrklubb för män som gillar öl”

Hör Proud Boys-ledaren i Florida intervjuas av Aftonbladet.